Bridesmaids Gifts Part 2: Bride Tribe

My first gift I shared in last week’s blog post here, was something extremely practical and useful or my bridesmaids. This week, I wanted to share the fun party favors I got them that they will not only love but will be great in photos for Bachelorette & Wedding Week. Jean Jackets Way before IContinue reading “Bridesmaids Gifts Part 2: Bride Tribe”

Bridesmaid’s Gifts Part 1: Survival Kits with Barrington Gifts

My bridesmaids mean the world to me. Not only are they going above and beyond to plan me the most perfect bachelorette trip, they also are all flying down to Florida to stand by my side when I get married. I knew I wanted to do something super special for them so for I decidedContinue reading “Bridesmaid’s Gifts Part 1: Survival Kits with Barrington Gifts”

Wedding planning 411 – Getting Started

Disclaimer: This is just what worked for us, and it may not be the best solution or steps for you! One of the things you have asked for on Instagram is for more wedding contents so that is something I am really working on! One things I thought would be helpful is how we gotContinue reading “Wedding planning 411 – Getting Started”